"while passion is 'do what you love,'purpose is 'do what contributes.'"

- Morten T. Hansen

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to create what you want and work with people using the skills you’re most passionate about.

But you’re feeling worn down by the pressure of constantly having to introduce yourself and explain your value. It feels like you’re telling people what you think they want to hear, which means the message you’re sending out into the world changes by the day. You feel anything but consistent.

Sometimes you’re not even sure what your exact value is. You know you have happy clients, but you haven’t pinpointed exactly what it is about working with you that makes your clients successful.

You’re probably also not sharing a lot of how got you to where you are today. Maybe you’ve transitioned careers or don’t have formal training in your area of expertise. It’s these things that make you shy away from talking about yourself. Even though you know you’re REALLY good at what you do, you aren’t clear how that’s different from what others are doing...and there are soooo many others out there.

This has left you confused and unclear. You have so many ideas swirling around in your head and each time you go to take action, you end up spending hours on a competitor’s website or eyeing up a new e-course. Either way, you’re not sure how to get over this hump. It would be so great to be able to speak “authentically” (as they all say) and feel good about sharing the things that make you different, rather than feeling pressured to fit into the crowd.

Why don't they just get it?

My Story

I hear you. I spent the last five years of my life failing to answer the question, “So what do you do?”

Now as a personal branding strategist I help service-based entrepreneurs make sense of their career path, gain confidence in talking about their skills, and connect their unique strengths with exactly what their ideal clients are looking for. My clients think of me as:


One part coach

I want to know what fires you up, how you got here, and what your dreams are. Then I’m committed to helping you see what makes you distinct, helping to define your niche.

One part strategist

Your business shouldn’t be built on a guessing game. My approach is built on a proven approach to market research and communications strategy.

One part copywriter

Ideas mean nothing without action. Using audience insights, I help to demonstrate your worth through strong messages that will flow naturally from your online presence to in-person conversations.



Over the past decade I’ve worked as an international development program officer, a communications consultant, a wedding planner, and a career coach. Friends have often said - I just don’t know how you do it all. To this I’d laugh and shrug it off, but deep down inside was a pit of insecurity.

When I got my dream job in international development, the reality of the workplace hit me and I became bored very quickly. For someone who was used to going to school, interning, teaching, and working at the same time, I craved a challenge. I had just gotten married and happened to stay in touch with some my wedding vendors.

With their encouragement and a little sense of adventure I decided to start my own wedding planning business.

For the record, in my day job I worked with academics and researchers. They loved data and theory. These were the kind of people that asked me if I was interviewing any day that I came into the office with lipstick on. I was very careful not to let them catch a whiff of my side hustle. I wasn’t scared they would question my devotion to my job. I was worried they would stop taking me seriously because I engaged in what I imagined they viewed as a frivolous career.

At the same time, I never told my wedding clients that I had a different day job. I took consult calls behind closed doors at work with a post-it claiming “BUSY” stuck to my office door. I took Fridays off early to be available for rehearsals and invested heavily to make sure my online presence made me look as legit as other planners in the business. I lived in fear that others in the industry would find out that my “real job” had nothing to do with events and would immediately write me off as just another girl who got married and thought she could do it better than the pros.

Trying to be everything to everyone was a lonely way of existing. I felt like I was living a double life for over three years and I was exhausted.

In my first business (and let’s be honest, my second too) I had a hard time sharing even with close family and friends what I was up to. I was scared of not winning their approval and considered any communication about my offers as an intrusion rather than a helpful offer to solve a problem they might have.

I thought I knew who my ideal client was but I wasn’t in touch with them. It was incredibly frustrating to hear business coaches everywhere saying, “Really get to know your customer. Then write to them in all of your marketing efforts.” Hmm sounds logical enough, right? But the advice stopped there.

I had so many questions:

  • How am I supposed to know what my ideal client is saying if I’m not working with them?

  • What are the important questions I should be asking that will get me useful information for my brand?

  • If they don’t describe my clients’ needs as what I’m offering does this mean I’m not a good fit for them or am I just explaining my value in the wrong way?

I couldn’t find any answers that would appease my highly analytical, rational side. They were all - test it and see! So what did I do? I competed on price and created a brand that spoke to me personally. I had customers, but it was a constant hustle and I burned out quickly.



What I failed to realize for myself is that the sum of my experiences have led me to be a stronger, more effective entrepreneur now than they ever could have if I took a straight and narrow path. Sharing this story is something that actually resonates with others and draws them in closer. In my business I’m using a combination of skills that don’t coexist on any job description I’ve ever seen. I’m finally proud to claim my space as a multi-passionate professional and expert and constantly think about how my strengths could be a solution to someone else’s problem.

I want to help you confidently communicate your genius too. To learn more about how we can work together, check out my services page or shoot over an email.

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the super official bio

Kim Wensel has spent the last ten years dedicated to marketing the value of ideas and programs. She is known for her ability to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and career changers who are searching for better ways to communicate their niche through their website, their elevator pitch, and their requests for support.

Outside “the office” Kim can be found knee-deep in toys and diapers. She and her husband, Brent, reside in her home state of Virginia with their infant, preschooler, and rescue dog. Her perfect day includes a strong cup of coffee - black -,the latest edition of Domino magazine, How I Built This podcast streaming, and mountains in the backdrop.

Kim is a self-taught entrepreneur, has a Master in Social Work and Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Virginia Tech.