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You love the freedom that comes with running your own business.

You became an entrepreneur because you knew there was a better way—a better way to serve clients, a more efficient solution, and a way to make money that was actually enjoyable.

But lately you’re starting to feel exhausted by the constant grind it takes to fill your calendar and meet your income goals. The pressure to do it all has taken its toll.

When people ask what you do you respond with what you think they’ll understand, which means the message you’re sending out into the world changes by the day. You feel anything but consistent.

Still, you have so many ideas swirling around in your head about what could be next. But each time you go to take action you end up spending hours on a competitor’s website or eyeing up a new e-course hoping it will lead to a breakthrough.

You’d be happy if you could just get back to what you’re best at and spend more time working on your craft than your business.

I get it.

who i serve

As a brand consultant, I get to work with the most talented business owners out there.

Their customers rave about their skills but still consider them to be somewhat of a “hidden gem.” I help them build a brand that matches their insanely high level of quality so they can attract more people who:

  • Value their time,

  • Trust their expertise, and

  • Are willing to pay what they’re worth.

No matter how appealing it may be to dump some cash into a Facebook ad, you know you don’t need thousands of new people flocking to your site to grow the way you want to.

You just need a handful of the right people.

I can help you find those people.

My Story

Kim Wensel bio

I started my first business shortly after getting married in 2012. I loved the details that went into wedding planning and found that organizing chaos was oddly a strong suit of mine.

I happened to stay in touch with some of my own vendors and with a little bit of encouragement and a lot of free time, I decided to start my own wedding coordination business.

Even before my client roster started to grow, I made a pact with myself that I would never let my clients know I had a 9-5. I didn’t want them to feel second to something else.

I went to great lengths to keep my reputation solid gold.

What that meant was taking consult calls in the lobby of my office building and using my vacation days to travel to rehearsal dinners. I lived in constant fear that if people found me out they would write me off as just another girl who got married and thought she could do it better than the pros.

Because I wasn’t confident in my expertise I built a brand appeasing every client’s desires.

I was the wedding planner who would work 13-hour days while pregnant, bring her mom as an unpaid assistant, and unpack all of your dishes from Ikea boxes so you didn’t have to hire a rentals company (yes, this really happened).

I was hustling but on one hand I felt like it was paying off. I was featured in top wedding publications like Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes. And I was partnering with nationally-recognized pros.

But on the other hand I was running my business like an expensive hobby. Because I didn’t know my worth, I wasn’t making a profit and I became resentful of the clients I had.


Life outside my company wasn’t slowing down either. I was growing my family and still finding my footing in my day job.

Around the same time, friends and family were coming to me for advice on how to transition in their own career. They asked me to review their resume and prep for an important interview.

Well, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. In 2015, business number two was born.

I launched Pattern of Purpose to help women making career shifts nail their personal brand and use their story to find meaningful work.

This new business was online and strikingly different than the in-person work I was used to. I got to work with clients with huge dreams and rich skill sets—from 15 states and six countries.

As time went on, my clients were increasingly interested in picking my brain on how to start their own business. It suddenly became clear how all of my professional threads were starting to converge—time for one last pivot.


Today I run a business I truly love—from top to bottom. But it’s not just about my passion for the work.

It’s about solving the big questions many of us entrepreneurs struggle with like:

  • How do I know that what I’m building will sell?

  • How do I reach more of my people?

  • How do I convince them I’m the best person to hire?

Kim Wensel branding and business strategy

My clients are ready to ditch the hustle and stand out for the mind-blowing customer experience they provide.

Together, we dig deep into what they want to be known for and create modern, bold brands that speak directly to what their audience is thinking and feeling.

I want to help you see your strengths the way your best customers see them.

I want you to feel confident sharing what you do.

Most of all, I want to help you get where you’re going, faster and with less effort.

Sound good to you?


clients have said…

She’s a GREAT help in a moment when you’re stuck. She’s very involved, organized and so good at helping to declutter all those thoughts going on in one’s mind.

I was surprised at how quickly Kim helped me make progress.

I trust her guidance and will definitely hire her again when I’m attempting to make my next big steps.