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You love the freedom that comes with running your own business.

It’s why you left your day job. But lately you’re starting to feel exhausted by the constant grind it takes to fill your calendar and meet your income goals. The pressure to prove your worth has taken its toll.

When people ask what you do you respond with what you think they’ll understand, which means the message you’re sending out into the world changes by the day. You feel anything but consistent.

And while you’re making money, you’re not attracting enough dream clients – the ones who are willing to invest because they trust your approach and instantly see the value in what you offer.  

This has left you feeling indecisive about what direction your business should take. You have so many ideas swirling around in your head about what could be next, but each time you go to take action you end up spending hours on a competitor’s website or eyeing up a new e-course hoping it will lead to a breakthrough.

You’d be happy if you could just want to get back to what you’re best at and spend more time working on your craft than on your business.

I get it. As a jack-of-all trades, I spent five years failing to confidently answer the question, “So what do you do?”

Now as a brand and messaging strategist I help established entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. Their revenue – while consistent – has plateaued and they still find themselves working hard to fill their roster. I help them sift through all of their ideas and confidently talk about their services in a way that stands out, so that their brand attracts more of the right people, more of the time. 

My Story

Kim Wensel bio

I started my first business shortly after getting married. I loved the details that went into wedding planning and found that the organization that came naturally to me was critical to carrying out an event with so many moving parts. I happened to stay in touch with some of my vendors and with a little encouragement and a lot of free time I decided to start my own wedding planning business.

Even before my client roster started to grow, I made a pact with myself that I would never let my clients know that I worked in a highly technical international development role in my day job. I was scared they would value me less if they learned I was splitting my time, especially spending so many hours on something unrelated to events. I went to great lengths to keep up this charade.

I would take consult calls in the lobby of my office building. I took almost every Friday off during high season to show up for rehearsals. I lived in constant fear that others in the industry would write me off as just another girl who got married and thought she could do it better than the pros.

Because I wasn’t confident in my expertise, I built a brand appeasing every client’s demand. As a fixer and people pleaser by nature, I became the yes girl, doing more without billing more. I never viewed my services as on-par with more established brands in my area, so I competed purely on price, putting in endless hours and customizing every package to prove my value.

Trying to be everything to everyone was lonely and exhausting. I became defensive of my approach and resentful of my business. I wanted out.

I realize now that I was so focused on getting clients to say yes that I had no space to understand how I wanted to be operating my business. I rarely asked my brides why they reached out to me in the first place or what they valued most about our time together. Without these answers, I was never able to build a strong, sustainable brand that leveraged my skills and spoke to other couples looking for exactly the value I provided.  

After four years of hustling, I finally turned my focus to understanding why some brands stand out and how to make selling feel like problem solving rather than coercing prospective clients to hand over money.

At the same time I also worked as a consultant perfecting the science and art of conducting interviews, facilitating focus groups, developing user surveys, and generating insights to move companies forward. And I came out the other side with a major breakthrough – strong branding is actually not about us as much as we think it is. It’s all about our audience.


Today I partner with incredible small business owners who are ready to ditch the hustle and attract more of the right clients. Together, we dig deep into what they want to be known for, define their ideal client, and uncover the questions, problems, and desires their business solves for this specific audience. I help them dig through this information to create strong brand messages that are natural to deliver and set them apart from other businesses. My clients think of me as:


One part coach

I want to know what fires you up, how you got here, and what your dreams are. Then I’m committed to helping you see what makes you distinct, helping to define your niche.

One part strategist

Your business shouldn’t be built on a guessing game. My process is built on a proven approach to market research that helps you make the connection between what your client needs and what you provide through your offers.

One part copywriter

Ideas mean nothing without action. Using your perspective and your clients’ words, I help to demonstrate your worth through strong messages that will flow naturally from your online presence to in-person conversations.


I want to help you attract your dream clients through branding that communicates the unique value that only you can provide. To learn more about how we can work together, check out my services or shoot an email over to

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the super official bio

Kim Wensel has spent the last ten years dedicated to marketing the value of ideas and programs. She is known for her ability to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and career changers who are searching for better ways to communicate their niche through their website, their elevator pitch, and their requests for support.

Outside “the office” Kim can be found knee-deep in markers and diapers. She and her husband, Brent, reside in her home state of Virginia with their infant, preschooler, and dog. Her perfect day includes a strong cup of coffee (black), the latest edition of Sunset magazine, a stack of personal development books, the latest episode of How I Built This streaming, and mountains in the backdrop.

Kim is a self-taught entrepreneur, has a Master in Social Work and Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Virginia Tech.