Your reputation is your most valuable asset.

Your business has come so far and—for the most part—you’ve gotten here by doing things on your own. Now you’re ready for the next phase.

That looks like: pivoting, tapping into a new target market, or consistently surpassing your revenue goals.

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You know your ideal customer and you’re confident in your ability to serve them. But you still find yourself stumbling over how to explain what you do.

When people ask where they can learn more about you, you hesitate sending them to your site.

And you’re worried you might be missing out on sales because your public image doesn’t exactly convey what you’re best at.



writer. researcher. creative director.


Hi, I’m Kim Wensel. I work with the most talented service-based business owners who are hitting a wall trying to grow.

While they can’t put their finger on the exact changes they need to make, they know that what got them here won’t get them where they want to go next.

I help them show up online the same way they do in person, so that no matter where someone finds them they’re standing out.

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Evolve your brand to reflect your business.

Through a combination of customer research, copywriting, and creative strategy I’ll help you shape an image that gives customers complete confidence in hiring you for what only you can offer.

Your brand will radiate credibility and sophistication; allow you to charge more for your services and be selective in who you take on as a client; and require less of your time on business development, freeing up more time to do the work you love.