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Design + Copy Audit


You’ve spent hours upon hours tweaking your website, trying to make it more appealing to your ideal client.

You’ve downloaded e-courses and have a library full of freebies on branding, sales, and marketing funnels but you haven’t had the time or focus to complete them.

And you still find yourself over-explaining what you do because your website doesn’t line up what you want to be known for.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels.


You don’t need to jump into a full-blown rebrand to align with what your customers are looking for.

A design and copy audit is the perfect way to hit reset. 

I’ll help you see your site through your visitors’ eyes so you can better understand the message and vibe you’re sending.

Working through each change together, on a video call, you’ll rediscover your niche and understand how to use copy and images to attract the right customers. We’ll streamline your messages so visitors can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for and you’ll finally want to send people to your site because you know it’s the best representation of what you offer.

Here’s what’s included:

copywriting for creatives

Branding Exercise

rebrand strategy

2-Hour Video Call (the audit!)

client research

1-Hour Follow-Up Call



Book Now

No more spinning your wheels. No need to work through a six-month coaching program. Just actionable advice, in real time. Interested?

STEP ONE: REACH OUT to check my availability.

STEP TWO: Pay for your audit and book your session (most calls are scheduled on Fridays) using the calendar link I’ll send to you.

STEP THREE: Fill out the pre-call branding exercise before our scheduled appointment.

STEP FOUR: I’ll take a peek at your site, making notes and comparing to the responses in your branding exercise.

STEP FIVE: The audit! Working through each page, we’ll talk through what’s good, what could be improved, and what’s missing to attract more of your ideal customers.

STEP SIX: Within 2 weeks we’ll have a follow-up call to discuss the changes and troubleshoot any areas you are stuck.