3 Essential Job Search Apps

LinkedIn Jobs

You've been scouring the internet looking for the best job search site with no luck. You've even tried the job search tool on the LinkedIn website. It's time to check out the LinkedIn Jobs app. It's so robust; you can search by keyword, title, and location.

The best part - it saves all of your searches for you. That means you don't have to recreate a search every time you open the app. You can also set job alerts for your search criteria and save job postings right there in the app.

The job postings themselves also include the date that they were added. It's always better to apply within the first few weeks of a job being posted, and this gives you that often hard to find, critical piece of information. You'll also be notified when a posting is set to expire (in other words, stop accepting applications).

For many of the jobs listed you can apply directly through your LinkedIn account. No more formatting your resume and uploading through your phone. Easy as pie!

job search apps
job search apps


You've found a job you love. Great! But now you're worried about the salary range. Maybe you're also worried about what the company's employees actually think about working there. Enter Glassdoor.

This app lists reviews, salaries, benefits, and interview information from current employees of thousands of companies.

By researching a particular job title or organization, you'll have the details necessary to make an informed decision about whether or not to apply and how to start negotiating your salary.


While not necessarily a job search app, Evernote can be a game changer for keeping your job search organized.

The free version allows you to keep to-do-lists, save webpages (i.e., job postings), and make notes all in personalized folders. It's a great place to keep all of your notes on your search and information you gather through the interview process.

Say goodbye to your paper trail, streamline your job search, and make the process less complicated by using this app.