6 Alternative Job Boards You Need to Check Out

Giant job boards have their place. You know the ones I'm talking about (...monster, career builder...) They can also be incredibly overwhelming with the amount of digging it takes to find the type of job you're looking for. I've rounded up 6 job boards that you probably haven't heard of but need to know. Some are female-focused. Some are location dependent. Most are niche.

The one common factor is that they're all far better suited to young professionals, women especially, building their careers.

alternative job sites for job seekers
alternative job sites for job seekers

The Muse

This is the largest site on my list with about 5,000 jobs posted. But, don't run away! The Muse lists their jobs and companies in the most visual, graphically appealing way possible. You can get a sneak peek inside the walls of companies with videos, images, and employee quotes. Jobs are also categorized by "Muse team picks" and "fast-growing companies."


Women who want to get back to their careers after having children are often underemployed if they chose to stay home rather than return to work, even if just for a few years. Aprés focuses on supporting women who have chosen to "opt-out" through its marketplace of full- and part-time positions, consulting gigs, maternity fill-in positions, and pro-bono opportunities.

Career Contessa

CC has just started their board and doesn't have nearly the number of postings as others, but the ones that are there fit the CC audience to a T - intelligent, driven women in their 20s and 30s who are looking for meaningful jobs that blend their interests in work and life. Check back often as this board expands.

The Everygirl

Is you're into feminine, artistic, creative industries, this is where you should start. There aren't hundreds of recent posts, those that are there scream out "dream job." While you're on this site try as you might, you're guaranteed to get distracted by their drool worthy lifestyle and travel articles.


Lifestyle blogger, Bri Emery has 690,000 Instagram followers. I think it's fair to say she's a creative goddess. On her website, she has a curated collection of job postings that started to highlight jobs that friends of hers have open. A lot are on the west coast, but hey I'd consider relocating for some of these opportunities!


Telecommuting and freelance work. Not the prettiest site design, but it gets the job done. Their team hand screens every job and company wishing to post a position on the site. With 55 career categories, they promise to help applicants find "a job that fits their life, not a life that fits their job."

What are some other sites that you consider to be uncovered gems for job hunters?