The Hardest Part is Just Getting Started

They say the hardest part about going to the gym is just getting your shoes on. Once you've accomplished that, your mind is made up. Actually working out is far less harder than deciding to work out. I think the same rings true for career planning. Society makes it sooooo easy for us to put off this task until we have to get a job. And nowadays throw in a few degrees and you wouldn't have to face this until you're 25 or 26. But actually this indecision is hurting us. Being told that we have time to figure it out and that things will work themselves out is just a cop out from those who didn't land their dream jobs.

Let's face it - work is going to take up a LOT of your life and everyone at some point has to do it. Even Beyonce works, ya'll! So it's important that you choose something that you enjoy.

I'm not going to be one of those that says, "If you have a job you love, you'll never feel like you're working a day in your life." That's just not true. Even the most dreamiest of dream jobs has aspects that go along with the territory. Example: how many designers love doing their taxes?

Choosing a career doesn't have to be overwhelming though. It shouldn't be a chore. And you must remember that you can always change your mind.

High schoolers - I'm talking to you - start now! Your future self with thank you.

If you get into the habit of being true to yourself about what's most important to you in life, talking to people about their jobs, and committing yourself to trying new things you WILL be successful in finding work that satisfies you both personally and professionally.

The hardest part about starting this blog? Sitting down and writing what I know. Rather than thinking about how many posts it will take to become established or worrying about what I'm going to write tomorrow I just opened wordpress and started typing.

You can do it. I can help.