Yes, You're Qualified Enough to Apply for That Job

One of biggest unknowns when applying for a job is whether you should apply when you don't meet all of the qualifications. You don't want to waste the employer's time and honestly you don't want to waste your own when you feel it's a long shot that your resume will even get noticed.

Gender Differences

It's not a coincidence that you're feeling this way. Gender plays a major role in job search and application behaviors. On average, men who are less than 50% qualified for a job will apply. Because hey, why not?

On the other hand, women who are 95% qualified will hold themselves back because of the 5% of the requirements they don't feel that they meet.

Of course I'm not saying this happens across the board, but please tell these numbers don't resonate with you!

should i apply for this job
should i apply for this job

Is it Fear Talking?

So what's the real reason you might be holding yourself back from an opportunity? So often we say we're unqualified when we're really just too scared to try it.

Are you worried about someone's reaction when they review your resume?

Are you nervous that you won't like the position because it's different from what you've done in the past?

Or are you really worried that you won't be able to do the job?

Consider this: if you don't even get to the interview stage, where you can talk to another human being about the position at hand, how can you make an informed decision about whether it would be a good fit or not?

You don't have to accept a job if it's offered, but you certainly can't accept one if you don't apply.

Don't take yourself out of the running

Let's not discount the importance of growing into a job.

I've applied to jobs where I felt 100% qualified and honestly I got bored at work really quickly. I outgrew that job within the first few months. Then I sat around not challenged and ready for a change before the one-year mark.

Don't forget they're also looking for the right fit. Someone who checks off all the boxes on paper might be a disastrous fit personality-wise.

When you find a position that interests you, requires skills that you possess, and provides an opportunity to grow, do your best to tailor your experiences to what they're looking for and hit the apply button. Don't disqualify yourself by holding back on the what-if's.

Tell me about a time where you didn't think you were qualified on paper but ended up getting the job done like a boss!