Why Updating Your Resume Won't Land You the Job

There are a lot of people out there saying that if you have a perfectly crafted resume you'll land the job you're dreaming of. As a career coach, this is a tough one for me to hear, because it's such a widespread misconception. Truly it doesn't matter what type of resume format you use if you aren't clear on what areas you want to highlight...or what you're looking for...or how your past work relates to the very jobs you're applying for.

Watch today's video, below, as I walk you through this common fallacy:

Important Points:

  • If you're applying for dozens of jobs but not hearing back, investigate whether you're connecting your experiences to what employers are looking for, down to the keywords listed in the job description.
  • If you're interviewing but not getting offers, ask yourself if you're applying for the same type of job you have now but expecting a different experience.
  • When approaching a career change ask yourself why you're unhappy. What do you want to be doing more of? What do you want to be doing less of?
  • The more narrow you can make your career goal, the more effectively you can communicate how your experience positions you as a qualified candidate.
  • Your career story should tie together your experience and strengths with the employer's needs.
  • An effective resume is more than a list of responsibilities; it's the impact you've had and the accomplishments you've made during your tenure.