Words Females Use That Are Keeping Us Behind

You got three minutes? That's all the time I need to share the three ways we are using our words to downplay our role as a professional. These are so ingrained in the way we communicate that you probably don't even notice you're saying them. But they give others the power to view us as less than.


1. "JUST"

There was a great article written about this word recently by Business Insider. The author says that by using the word "just," you damage your credibility. She even suggests that speaking in this way is nothing more than subtle subordination. 

2. "I'M SORRY, BUT...."

Have you found yourself apologizing before asking for something? Think about your email conversations. We do this to make our asks seem less demanding. What it really does is cue to others that they can take our request lightly...like they are doing us a favor by responding to what we need. For guidance on being impeccable with you word, check out The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.


I LOVE this article poking fun on what happens when women receive a compliment. Laughs aside, it's pretty sad that we can't just say, Thank You. When you downplay a compliment, you're not only shifting positivity away from you, you're also disregarding the other person's opinion. No one likes a Debbie Downer.

What are some other ways that we, as females, speak that could be affecting us professionally?