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You’re bursting at the seams with new ideas for your business. Lately the creative juices have been flowing and you’re ready to reintroduce yourself to the world.

But at the same time you feel scattered. You’ve got ten tabs open in your mind and you aren’t sure how to which thing to focus on first.

When you do carve out time to sit down and make changes, you somehow end up on someone else’s website. You’ve downloaded a freebie or two and an hour later, after going round and round in circles, you’re questioning your new approach altogether.

Living in this state of transition is messy and stressful.

You wonder why your ideas feel so unique when you think about them but so cliché when you start to put them into words.

You’re afraid that you’ll invest tons of time and money into your branding only to find that you aren’t conveying a message that feels authentic.

You wish you could have someone make the connection between all of your thoughts and help you see the bigger picture.


  • You know you're really good at what you do, but you're still working hard to convince clients to hire you.
  • You're tired of working with clients that aren't the right fit.
  • You look at some people and wonder how they have such successful businesses when they're nowhere near as talented as you are.

setting the foundation for your new direction

I promise you’re not the only one feeling this way.

As a branding strategist, I work with entrepreneurs that are shifting gears in their business. They’ve lost their momentum because they’re having trouble explaining their vision to others. I help them unpack all of their ideas and narrow in on exactly what matters to their audience so that they can stop questioning themselves and start making progress again.  

As a results of IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME, you will:

  • Understand the one thing your business should focus on right now to gain a reputation for your brand.
  • Be clear on the differences between your personal preferences and your audience's preferences...and why these matter.
  • Feel confident talking about the new direction your business is taking without falling into imposter syndrome.
  • Have the ability to easily explain how your visual identity and copy should support your overall brand story.