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Nights and Weekends:

an e-course to transform your idea into a side-hustle

Are you interested in pursuing something new but not sure where to start? Do you have an idea that just keeps coming back, refusing to be ignored? Have you been curious about exploring a passion but not ready to leave your day job?

Chances are you’re ready to start a side-hustle.

In this e-course I’ll share the secrets and proven steps to take in order to launch your side hustle while holding down a 9-5. I’ll also help to answer some of the tough questions that side hustlers have to confront, including:

  • How can I narrow down all of my ideas?

  • Should I tell people at work or keep it a secret?

  • What if my family doesn’t support me?

  • How do I brand myself when my side hustle is so different than my job?

If you’ve ever dreamed about starting something that’s all your own, whether for hobby or an additional stream of income, this e-course is for you. 

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