+ Is career coaching a good fit for you?:

The individuals who are the best fit for this type of intensive coaching are interested in their next career move being strategic, well thought out, and in line with both their professional and personal goals. If you’re actively job searching, under a time crunch, or want someone to solely update your resume for you, I’m probably not your gal.

+ Why does it take 8 weeks?:

My process is not a quick fix, but it works. Jumping into the job search just to find something new doesn’t ensure career satisfaction.

A successful career change hinges on your ability to connect all of your past experiences and strengths with where you’re heading next. In order to do this, you must first understand exactly what ideal work looks like for you and be able to articulate how you’ve developed your unique professional expertise. Once you understand your story, your values, and your non-negotiables you’ll be able to pursue your goals more confidently and replicate this process in the future.

+ How will we work together?:

The majority of our work will be conducted online and on the phone. You’ll also have daily access to me through email for any questions that come up along the way.

We’ll hold our coaching sessions on the phone or through Skype so that they can be recorded and you can access them after each session concludes. In some circumstances – when geographically possible – we may be able to hold our live meetings in person. If this option is selected, it is not possible to record our sessions together.

+ What if I get hired before our 8 weeks are complete?:

What a great dilemma to have! If this happens, we’ll continue to refine your brand and can also spend time discussing negotiation tactics and developing a 90-day success plan for your new gig.

+ When can we start working together?:

I'm not currently taking on new clients, but please reach out if you'd like a recommendation on others you might wish to seek out in the field.