Ideal Customer Research


You’ve come so far in your business and—for the most part—you’ve gotten here by doing things on your own. Now you’re ready for the next phase. 

That looks like: pivoting, reaching a new target market, or consistently meeting higher revenue goals.

You’re pretty clear on your niche and you’re confident in your ability to serve your clients. But you still find yourself stumbling over how to explain what you do and what they need in a succinct way.

You’ve put a lot of energy into creating amazing offers but—for some reason—they aren’t gaining traction like you hoped.

And you worry you’re missing out on sales because customers aren’t clear on what you specialize in and why it’s better than what anyone else offers.

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Imagine what you could do with this type of clarity:

You have pages full of information on what your customers are looking for and what words they use to describe their needs.

You understand how your ideal client makes purchasing decisions and what they’re looking for next.

You know the reasons why your customers choose you over your competitors. 

You can hear exactly what past customers think about working with you, without the awkwardness of having to ask them yourself or the filtering that comes with them telling you to your face.

You have scores of quotes to use as testimonials—doing your marketing for you.

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I can help

Using market research techniques I’ve refined over the last ten years, I’ll help you figure out exactly what makes you stand out head and shoulders above the competition, based on the perspective of those who matter the most: your ideal clients. Here’s how that happens:

1 - 90-minute call to get to know you, your business, customers, conversions, and what you want to know about your ideal client.

2 - In-depth interviews with 3-4 of your past customers, investigating what they were facing before they hired you, why they decided to work with you, and what they saw as the biggest benefit of doing so.

3 - Market research on similar businesses and offers, giving you perspective on your niche, pricing, and marketing approach.

4 - Comprehensive report with direct client quotes and themes from all research.

5 - 2-hour video call to review how to utilize feedback on branding, packages, and pricing in your business.

6 - 1-hour follow-up call to troubleshoot and develop an action plan.

What could you do if you never had to guess again what words and phrases your target market uses to describe their needs, challenges, and desires? It’s time to stop guessing and start growing with intention. 

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