branding marketing for entrepreneurs

After three years of helping career-changing women demand their worth and find work that brings them to life, I'm on to the next adventure.

I've never been more excited to offer something than I am right now. If you're a service-based entrepreneur who's looking for a better - and easier - way to attract your ideal client, this one's for you.


Do you draw a blank or feel just little bit embarrassed when someone asks what you do? It's not that you're not passionate about it, you just don't think they'll get it.

Are you hustling to find clients, constantly feeling worn down by having to explain what you do, why that matters, and how your price is justified by your value?

Have you found that clients don't truly appreciate their investment with you until the end, when they see the end result?

Is all of this making you look to others for direction? Friends and family try to help but are unfamiliar with the boss lifestyle.

So you end up looking at your competitors' websites and downloading resource after resource assuming the answers will hit you if you just concentrate harder on what the "pros" are saying.

It doesn't have to be this hard. And I want to help!