Market research and copywriting for entrepreneurs

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Hi, I’m Kim, a branding consultant and founder of Pattern of Purpose.

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are pretty clear on their niche and the value they bring to the table but are having trouble connecting that to their offers.

I help my clients get the evidence they need that there’s a market ready to invest in the services that they provide.

I do this through a combination of client research and copywriting, delivering messages that speak to audiences in their language and that set brands apart from their competition.


who i work with

My clients are go-getters who pour their heart and soul into their business. They love the work they’re doing but feel like they’re hustling too hard to attract their ideal clients.

They’ve got a track record of happy customers but are often left guessing as to what their audience is willing to buy next and how much they’re willing to spend. 

They want proof that the time they’re spending developing programs and marketing will result in revenue.


what we do together

As a result of working together, my clients gain a deep understanding of their target market. They get to know the exact words their people use to describe their questions, challenges, and desires. And they’re clear on what other brands and services their prospects are considering.

More than that, my clients no longer have to guess how to relate their services to their prospects. They’re armed with content that speaks directly to their audience, making their website work harder so they don’t have to.

Because they understand the exact value they bring to their clients, they’re left feeling confident in deciding which ideas to pursue, how to price their offers, and market their brand.



Move from convincing to converting clients...

What if attracting more of your ideal clients didn’t have to be such a puzzle?

You’re ready for the message you’re putting out in the world to be aligned with the vision you see for your business. 

And your audience deserves to know about all of the great things that can happen from working with you!

You want to feel proud talking about your business because the story you’re telling connects with your people in such a deep way.

It’s time for your website to become the marketing machine you know it should be. It just takes a few tweaks.

Establish credibility with your audience...

You wish you could see your brand from your audience’s perspective. It would be amazing to understand how they view you differently than (or the same as) they see your competitors.

You’re ready to figure out how to attract more of the right people who truly value the services you love offering.

And you’re excited to have validation that there are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer.


Boost engagement, grow your business...

How would it feel to have a strong reputation based on how your business stands out from what others are offering? No more blending in hoping to attract some attention, but really digging your heels in as the only person who delivers on the value you’re capable of providing.

What if you could maintain (or even decrease) your workload but grow your revenue because you finally feel confident to raise your rates?

And think about launching your new package, program, or service knowing there’s a market ready and willing to invest in it.