Success Isn't a Six-Figure Business

I'll admit it, though. I've caught myself on more than one occasion asking my husband to take my photo for a planned Instagram post or taking consult calls inside the rental while everyone else is poolside on vacation. And yet, what I'm seeing is that this is nowhere near the level of effort needed for an "empire" business.

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entrepreneurshipKim Wensel
3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Designer for Your Rebrand

I see a lot of entrepreneurs jump into a rebrand when something isn’t working in their business. And I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs also go through the rebrand process with a designer and come out the other side still as confused about their approach as before.

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What's Branding?

Your brand is so much bigger than your logo. It’s bigger than your website. It’s bigger than the blog posts that you write. And it’s even bigger than the services or packages that you offer to your clients.

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brandingKim Wensel