3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Designer for Your Rebrand



Today I want to talk to you about the three things you must know before you jump into a rebrand.

This topic is so close to my heart because I see a lot of entrepreneurs jump into a rebrand when something isn’t working in their business.

And I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs also go through the rebrand process with a designer and come out the other side still as confused about their approach as before.

In our minds I think it’s easy to think of a new website, a new logo as a facelift, right? You build it, they will come.

But the truth is you have to be really clear about what your business’ purpose is, how you serve your clients, and why your brand and business is the best choice for the people you want to attract.

And doing that takes a whole lot of work that only you can do as the business owner.

Let’s jump into the number one thing I need you to think about for a rebrand.

1. Why is right now the right time to rebrand?

Is it that you are now serving clients and they are slightly different than who you served before?

Maybe before you were really targeting millennials who were entering the workforce or thinking about graduate school and now you want to be working more with people who are moms looking to get back in the workforce after having a baby.

Those are two different audiences and it might make sense to rebrand based on this.

But if you’re rebranding just because you’re not attracting enough clients or you’re not engaging them or the technical aspects of your website are getting too challenging, I’d like to push you to think a little bit deeper about:

Does this warrant a complete rebrand right now or are there some small tweaks I can make to test things and really see if it’s the way that I’m showing up in my business or if it’s that your direction is misaligned with how your brand shows up to your customers?

2. Who is my ideal client and what are the questions, challenges, or desires that they have right now?

You cannot guess about this stuff. You actually need to have proof that guides your branding. And here’s why…

Often when you’re working with a designer they’re going to ask about who you’re trying to reach.

They’re going to ask about the style that you like and other colors and logos that you’re interested in.

But the way that you answer this is not just about your personal preference because you are not the person that’s going to be buying from your business.

You need the input from the people that are going to be buying from your business and you need to appeal to them.

So no matter how close you think you are to being the same type of person as your ideal client, you really are different person because you have more of an appreciation for what you do and the value that you bring. You’re clear on the benefits of working with you. And you have all of that knowledge that your ideal client doesn’t yet have because they haven’t worked with you.

So you have to dig in to what your ideal client needs. That leads me to part three..

3. What benefit does working with me bring that someone couldn’t get from working with anyone else?

What is your special sauce? Sometimes this requires knowing what other options are available for people to choose from.

Because you could be so passionate about your business and what you offer and you can know that people get results from working with you. But unless you can convey why those benefits exceed any other option available to your customers, it doesn’t matter.

Your passion really doesn’t matter unless you can connect it to how you’re going to make a change in the life of your ideal customer.

And this isn’t just for services; this is for products too. There are so many options out there available to us. We really have to feel connected to a brand to have that loyalty and make a purchase, especially if it’s a bigger investment. So you need to think about why you versus anyone else.

Once you have the answers to these questions you’ll be well poised to know if a rebrand is right and if so, you will have such good information to guide your creative team in creating a brand that speaks to your ideal customer, attracts them, and engages them to a point where they are ready to invest in you.