My 2018 Wish List

I’ve always been a reader. There was one book in particular my brother and I used to make my dad read over and over and over again. I’m not sure of the same of it or even the premise of the story. But I do remember it involved a bird who could only murmur these words: bee bee bobby bobby, bee bee bobby bobby.

I’m fairly certain my dad lost his mind every time we said, “Again, again!” But for us, it’s what cemented our love of books.

Now, as a busy adult, consuming books – hard copy, not audio or e-version – is one of my guiltiest pleasures. I can’t pass by a bookstore without making a purchase and my entire Amazon wish list is full of unread titles.

So if you’re dropping by and wondering what I’m asking for this year, there’s a good chance it’s on the list below (hint hint, family and friends!):

what to read in 2019


How to Style Your Brand – Fiona Humberstone can do no wrong. I own her second book, Brand Brilliance, and am such superfan I drank a little too much wine and next thing I knew had purchased her latest e-course: The Naming Masterclass. Could be worse, right?

Monster Loyalty – A fellow business owner recommended this book as a must-have to learn about branding. It’s all about how Lady Gaga built a devoted, cult following.

The Brand Gap – I often find myself at the intersection of strategy and design, and figure this should be a good refresher.


Thirst – Coming from the nonprofit world, I’ve always been fascinated with Charity:Water’s approach to fundraising, with a heavy emphasis on storytelling and engagement. I’ve heard Scott’s story before but I’m excited to see what else he’s included in this long-form version.

let my people go surfing – Patagonia is known for company culture. I’m fascinated to peek into the brain of the the man behind the movement.

Becoming – Michelle Obama. Enough said.

Chasing Chaos – International development was my first dream career. I love reading first-hand accounts of people who have opted out of the prototypical American dream to live a life of adventure and service.


Grit – Saw the author’s Ted talk. Heard her on a podcast. Guess this is just the next step in the customer journey.

The Artist’s Way – From the second I learned about morning pages, I was addicted to the idea. Now, I haven’t gotten around to implementing it on a regular basis yet, but baby steps.

The Year of Yes – This has been on my list for two years. As a strategic thinker, my always defaults to identifying why something can’t work or isn’t working. I like thinking about the shifts that might happen if I choose to default to believing things can happen without controlling (or knowing) how they will happen.

Tiny Beautiful Things – A short collection of letters – perfectly consumable at bedtime when I can barely manage to get through 3 pages.


Little Fires Everywhere – I have to be forced to turn my brain off. This novel is my self care plan for January.

The Gypsy Moth Summer -  This is supposed to be a must-have beach read. Now I just need to book that beach vacation…


The Pretty Dish – Not gonna lie. I want this because the cover is beautiful.

Ready or Not from Nom Nom Paleo and Whole30 Slow Cooker round out my list as I consider doing the Whole30 again in January. Never felt better but meal prep is a beast. Hoping these can make it more doable.

What’s your must-read title? I’d love to add it to my queue.

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