The Biggest Shift You Need to Make In Your Copy to Make Selling Easier

Whether you’re an online business or brick and mortar, the words on your website are attracting and repelling prospective customers. 

This is a good thing. In fact, professional copywriters do this on purpose. It should be very clear who you are a good fit for and who you’re not. Because when you’re selling to everyone, you’re really selling to no one.  

It tends to be pretty easy for us to talk about what purpose our business serves – why we exist. But when it comes to writing about what we offer, we get stuck. 

copy for your website


The way most business owners approach this is pretty straightforward. They list out their packages or services and detail everything included. Here’s a perfect example of what I found recently on a Digital Marketing Consultant’s services page:

  • Social media assessment

  • Ten, weekly calls

  • Storytelling guide 

  • Unlimited email access

  • Facebook training

  • Mindset training

  • Check-ins in between calls

This copy is process-oriented. It says, “First we do this, then we do this, then you get this.

The problem with writing this way is that it isn’t helping convince your audience of the value of what you offer. It’s a dump of ALL.THE.THINGS. To me – and I’m betting many others – it’s overwhelming. 

If I needed to hire someone for social media support I would be turned off by this because it looks like too much work. I’m busy. If I’m investing in something, I need it to make my life easier, not more complicated.


The fact is: most people don’t actually know what they need to get from Point A to Point B.

This is why we don’t ask our clients what they need, we ask them what they’re struggling with (i.e., diagnose) and then offer them a solution to their problems. It’s also why we don’t price hourly. When you do so, the only thing you’re giving your prospective customer is the ability to price-shop based on hourly rates without any sense of the value hidden in that hour.

If I were rewriting copy for the Digital Marketing Consultant’s services that I referenced above, it would look something like this:

Social Media Audit

Before we get on the phone together, I’ll review all of your social media accounts to see how your business is showing up collectively online. I’ll be familiar with your style, followers, and engagement levels so we can jump into our first call ready to discuss improvements. 

Strategy Sessions

Over the course of two months we’ll hold weekly calls, each one focused on a new element of your social media presence and strategy. These calls are strategic and the lessons you learn will build on each other. You’ll leave each personalized session with actionable steps to take, building momentum along the way.


By framing services this way, your prospects are better able to see that you understand where they are now and can explain how their life will be different after working with you or buying from you. 

This is the transformative experience that you provide!


It’s time to apply this to your business. 

Grab a piece of paper and answer the following prompts as they relate to your services:

  • What problems are my clients dealing with right now? 

  • What are they feeling?

  • What questions do they have?

  • How do they want their life to be different?

  • What can’t they do on their own?

Great job! Now it’s time to shift to thinking about what you offer. 

  • What do your clients feel like after working with you?

  • What are some of the things past clients have said at the end of your time together? (HINT: look to your testimonials, reviews, and happy customer emails)

  • What’s changed in your customers’ life or business after investing in you?

Guess what? You now have the beginning and ending of your sales page outlined. All you need to do is fill in the middle with how you make that transformation happy. 

Remember – it’s not about each step of your process. It’s about the high-level overview of what you do together and why that matters to them

If you find yourself getting stuck, ask yourself: why is this piece of the experience important to my clients? For instance, if you offer email support, a few benefits of that could be:

  • Clients don’t get stuck spinning their wheels trying to implement your suggestions.

  • If they aren’t happy or don’t understand, they can reach out in real time rather than waiting for their next appointment.

  • They can track your suggestions and keep them in their inbox for handy reference in the future.

Now it’s time for you to get started. Have questions? Comment below and we’ll hash it out. 

Good luck!


copywritingKim Wensel