The Easiest Way to Stand Out In Your Market

People think the most straightforward way to book out is to reach more people.

The underlying assumption is that reaching more strangers will result in more conversions.

But thinking this way is over-complicating the easiest channel to acquisition: appealing to those already familiar with you.

You’ve got to provide a mind blowing customer experience.

And most people are pretty shitty at this.

stand out online

Here’s what to do:

  • Respond to inquiries like they’re your most important client.

  • If you promise a timeline, stick to it.

  • Be in touch, even when something isn’t due.

  • Send a handwritten note.

  • Remember birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Listen more than you speak.

  • Under promise, over deliver (without invoicing for the extra work).

People have a choice and to choose you they need to know it will be worth it.

Happy customers turn into raving fans. and raving fans turn into referral machines.

So for a moment, take your focus off of reaching more and turn to those you’re already reaching.

It’s the best investment you can make and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Kim WenselComment