Perfect As You Go

I am not a risk taker.

I like to know everything about a possible scenario, weighing the pros and cons, before making a decision. Type A’s out there, are your hands up?

It’s something about feeling like I have control of the outcome if everything is perfectly planned out with little chance for deviation.

The upside to this is that I have a high standard for what I put out.

The downside to this is that I have a high standard for what I put out.


A few weeks ago I was talking to a new-ish entrepreneurial friend on Zoom. I asked what she was up to lately and she told me casually that in the last four weeks she had written AND LAUNCHED an e-book series that was now for sale on Amazon.

I’m sorry, what? You came up with this concept and launched it within a month? I am planning out 1-2 years in advance when I might sit down and get all of my thoughts laid out coherently in book form.

My friend knew it wasn’t perfect but she had the time and rather than worrying about ideal, she focused on getting it done.

I have an entire e-course planned out on paper that never made its way to market. I have dozens of blog posts drafted on my computer that are sitting waiting to be finished. As much and I love coming up with ideas, it pains me to know that these are all missed opportunities to serve more people.

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If you aren’t familiar with Brooke Castillo, you should be. She’s probably the most well-known life coaches in the U.S. If you’re rolling your eyes, bear with me. She’s got spunk. She’s not one of those who will tell you to imagine things and they’ll just magically appear.

Earlier in the year she was on Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast talking about taking massive action.

Have 40 minutes? I highly recommend listening to this episode. If you don’t, here are the CliffsNotes.

  • You’ve got to stop focusing on being busy and focus instead on being productive. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending your time doing something that doesn’t lead to a result (hint hint: consuming too much online content).

  • Most of us are giving ourselves too much time to get something done. Set a time frame to get something done and finish it by that time, rather than allowing yourself to constantly tweak, refine, and change it.

  • Aim for B- work. “B-minus work can change people’s lives. Work that you don’t produce at all, does nothing in the world.”  


Okay, Kim, you might be thinking. I’ll start getting things out there. But what if there are typos? Won’t that make me look like I don’t know what I’m doing?

Yes, there will still be mistakes. But honestly, most people won’t notice.

This week I was reflecting on the past six months and sharing a note with colleagues - something along the lines of, “Keep your head up. You can never anticipate how quickly your business can grow and change.”

An hour later my Facebook messenger app starts blowing up from one of the women in my coaching group. She was sending good thoughts my way. And then she proceeded to send me line edits on my “Work With Me” page.

My first reaction was like, “Is this your way of showing me I don’t deserve my success?”

But then I rec-alibrated and gave her thanks. Even though I had this page edited and reviewed by two people, there were still autocorrect mistakes. And you know what? Clients are still coming in the door even with these typos.

As business owners we are constantly going to be tweaking our brands. I, more than anyone, wish we could perfect our sites and client materials and then sit back and do the work, but it’s just not like that. As soon as you finish something you’re going to have an idea for the next thing.

The best way to strengthen your reputation and brand is to share as much as possible. Ideas are no good until they’re executed.

Tell me, as you think to 2019 what’s one thing you can commit to launching by the end of January? Comment below so we can keep this conversation going.

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