Success Isn't a Six-Figure Business

It was a few years ago – once it became clear that most people with a solid idea and service mindset could build an online business – that I started seeing ads promising to get me to the five-figure months. Baked into that promise was the assumption that once you made five figures a month you were well on your way to a six-figure business.


Since I started my business in 2015, a six-figure business has been touted as the agreed upon point where you can finally say you've made it.

But in reality, six figures on its own isn’t something that most entrepreneurs want. It’s the freedom that comes with six figures. Because no matter where you live, if your business if making $100k+ you can probably support yourself and call your business full-time. Bye-bye day job.


Yet sometime in the last year or so the six-figure dream has become not enough. Yes, there are still plenty of coaches promising to help you meet that mark in a few month's time, but more and more I'm hearing entrepreneurs brag about their multiple six-figure businesses and seven-figure empires.

What I can't help but wonder is - When do they have the time to do anything else?

Listening to successful entrepreneurs talk about their empires makes me tired. It feels a bit like a pissing competition – who can do more, reach more, say more? If there’s one thing I’m looking for in my life right now it’s less, not more.

Working for yourself doesn’t have to feel like a corporate rat race.

I'll admit it, though. I've caught myself on more than one occasion asking my husband to take my photo for a planned Instagram post or taking consult calls inside the rental while everyone else is poolside on vacation. And yet, what I'm seeing is that this is nowhere near the level of effort needed for an "empire" business.

Before you beat me to it, I just want to say that I'm not blocking growth with this mentality. If my business ends up making multiple six figures, or even seven figures, that's great. I'll adjust when the time comes. But I'm trying to celebrate my wins now, well before they reach that level.


Right now my business model is built around 1:1 engagement with my clients. I partner with them on everything. We spend hours together unpacking their brand. And the insights they get come directly from me.

Success to me is having creative control to do this.

It's the opportunity to work with clients from The Netherlands, Romania, California, and Maryland.

It's the freedom to spend all day writing content or taking three hours for a mastermind call.

It's the option to post on social media, or not.


Success looks different for everyone.  So ask yourself: What kind of work feels good to me?

Are you most comfortable behind the camera working with couples on their wedding day? Would you prefer to churn out educational videos from your studio? Do you like blogging and feel sponsored posts is something that comes naturally to you?

Whatever feels right, base your business plan around those actions. And don’t deviate just because someone tells you that you can make more money, faster. Those businesses are usually running on fumes. And you, my friend, you’re in it for the long haul.


What does success look like to you, right NOW, at this very point in your business?


entrepreneurshipKim Wensel