What's More Valuable: Time or Money?

When you’re investing in a service you can expect 2 of 3 outcomes:




It’s rare you’ll get all three. Here are your options:

Fast + Cheap = Mass market, DIY, or quick fix

Cheap + Good = It’ll take time to complete

Good + Fast = You’ll pay a premium

Think about the people you’ve hired. Can you think of an exception? I tried and couldn’t.

Why does this matter?

  1. There’s room for many different businesses in the same niche.

  2. People will still hire you, even if they can do it themselves.

  3. Premium services demand premium prices.

Sales coach, Kendrick Shope always says time and money are your greatest resources and time you can’t make more of.

So as you think about what you offer to your clients, tell me, what’s the true value of your services?

Is it frustration saved?

Is it money saved?

Is it time saved?

graphic that says: what's more valuable, time or money?
Kim WenselComment