What's Branding?



Today we’re here to talk about the million dollar question: WHAT IS BRANDING?

So what is branding?

If you’re like 95% of people that I’ve come across then the first thing that came to mind was logo. And that’s not wrong. It’s just that your brand is so much bigger than your logo. It’s bigger than your website. It’s bigger than the blog posts that you write. And it’s even bigger than the services or packages that you offer to your clients.

Your brand is how your business shows up in the world. It’s how your audience perceives you. It’s how your competitors and your colleagues think of you.

It’s the story that you’ve created about why your business exists.

So a lot of times as we move through business we get a little unclear about how our brand should show up for our audience.

Maybe you’re pivoting in your business or you’re just starting out and you’re not sure how everything comes together.

But it is SO important to get clear on your brand platform because this is going to guide all of the messages you send out, all of the visuals on your channels. And it’s going to ensure consistency across all of your platforms.


Well you know the feeling of having a rocking’ website and maybe you’re not as sure of what you’re doing on social media.

Or you’ve got all your words up on your site but when you go to introduce yourself in person you’re not sure exactly what to say and you tailor it to something you think someone might understand vs. what you really want to be known for.


I want you to really dig in to how your brand is being perceived right now by the people that know you.

You can do this by asking one simple question:

"When you think about my business what are the first things that come to mind?"

And I want you to ask that question to ten different people. It could be your business bestie. It could be your current or former clients. Or just friends and family that are familiar with your business.

Maybe you haven’t started your business yet…and that’s okay too.

Or you’re just getting started and have just worked with a few clients. I want you to just alter that question slightly.

Ask friends, family, colleagues, anyone you’re familiar with in the entrepreneurial world. I want you to ask them this question: “When you think about me at work what are the first things that come to mind?”

And it’s really important to drill in to how you show up professionally. Because of course your personal brand comes into play when you’re a service provider, but what’s much more important is how they perceive what you are offering as a business and how you as a service provider are different or similar to other people out there.

I’m going to challenge you to go out there and find ten people. Ask them this question. And write down what people have to say!

It will be so powerful for you to see the exact words that they use. Then you can look at them and ask yourself, “Is this how I want my brand to show up in the world?”

Or, do I need to do a little shifting to make sure that my  copy and my visuals are more aligned with a different message I want to be sending out and how I want to be known?

Comment below. Let me know what your results are. And I can’t wait to hear from you!


brandingKim Wensel