72-Hour Copy Correction


You’ve done the heavy lifting to get your business to where it is now. You’ve figured out the systems, built your list, and worked with some amazing clients. 

But as your business has evolved, your messages have become disjointed. 

Maybe you’ve changed your packages. Or you’re serving a new audience altogether. Whatever it is, every time you sit down to write about your work you get stuck in the details. The sentences come out forced or you resort to mimicking how you’ve seen others write (even though you’d never be caught dead saying “Hey, girl, hey” in person). 

branding tips for entrepreneurs

You need it written, like yesterday.

The truth is, you already know what to say. You just need helping figuring out how to say it. And fast.

Together, we’ll get your website to communicate all the things that your people are looking for, while still sounding like you – not a robot and certainly not your closest competition.

We’ll kick-off on a Friday and by Monday you’ll have brand new copy delivered to your inbox. That means you’re only 72 hours away from your website acting as the marketing machine you know it should be.

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Pre-call branding questionnaire to clarify your mission and message



FRIDAY: 90-minute business and customer deep dive video call 



MONDAY: 4 pages of website copy (long-form sales pages extra) delivered



FRIDAY: 1 full round of edits on each page



1-week follow-up to get your pages locked and loaded

After working with me you’ll feel confident selling your services because you’re clear on how to explain the unbelievable value of working with you and have more predictability in income because you’ll be attracting more of the right clients, more frequently. 

Imagine the ease of working with people who value your time, trust your approach, and want to refer you to all their friends. 

 Ready to get on my books?