Amenah Arman

Challenging industry norms

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The Top Line:

Amenah Arman started Sane in the Membrane, a private therapy practice, with the mission to provide people of color with high-quality, relevant support that doesn’t require them to explain themselves. Diverging from the traditional, Eurocentric model of psychotherapy, she knew she had the potential to be a leading voice in changing the way minorities receive mental health care but was having trouble settling into being the face of her business. She came to Pattern of Purpose for support as she stepped into the spotlight and shared the “why” behind her career.

Amenah Says...

“I am in a state of gratitude for the ability to experience firsthand the importance of the work you do. I knew I needed some direction in amplifying my voice, but I didn’t necessarily have a vision of what that would look like. The first two hours with you felt like not only an amplification of my voice but I was given space to see how far I’ve journeyed. You made me realize how much of my narrative I had shut off not only from my business but from myself. The more questions you asked the more of me I was able to access, again parts that I simply didn’t bring to the forefront. Vital parts. MIND BLOWN.”

The Bottom Line:

Because her story informed her work, we began there. Her experiences gave shape to the unique point of view, which blossomed organically into her brand message. Through our time together, Amenah was able to get honest with what “success” meant to her. In the months that followed, she increased her speaking engagements and invited in new consulting and advising opportunities. Now, she’s more than comfortable being seen, posting multiple videos a day, engaging an ever-growing audience on social media and leveraging her platform for impact. Private clients book sessions because they have access to her perspective and guidance, allowing trust building to begin long before their first conversation.


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