Earlecia Richelle

A profile beyond the job title

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The Top Line:

Earlecia Richelle is the perfect example of an intrapreneur: someone using their leadership qualities and entrepreneurial drive to advance a company’s mission. Already a high-performer and eager to develop a narrative that captured the sum of her professional experiences — inside and outside of the industry — Earlecia came to Pattern of Purpose to clarify and promote what she does beyond her job title.

Earlecia Says...

“It’s surreal to review yourself reflected in this way. Still processing all the information yet I am already more clear on how to communicate who I am. I had to submit a career profile today and was able to put my story deck to use in real time. Thank you again for such incredible work and a life changing process.”

The Bottom Line:

Over the course of a month, we crafted an executive narrative with a creative edge that showcased the throughline of her nearly two decades of work and promoted her as influential in her space. Previously unsure of how to describe herself when she’s done “all the things,” our engagement helped her pull together her non-traditional journey — from artistry to speaking to brand management. Earlecia’s updated profile allowed her to easily and confidently share her expertise across digital platforms and has provided event organizers with the right-sized introduction when recognizing her as a panelist, guest speaker, and award recipient.


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