Michelle Gutmann

Two brands united by vision

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The Top Line:

After supporting dozens of healers, coaches, and conscious clients, the time had come for Michelle Gutmann to rebrand her own brand design studio. At the same time, she was feeling pulled to share her passion project, ten years in the making. Overwhelming as it is for any creative to use their expertise for themselves, Michelle came to Pattern of Purpose for support in understanding how to connect her two ventures in a way that made sense to her audiences.

Michelle Says...

“You absolutely communicated my design studio and my personal collective in a way I’ve been trying to for at least 2 years. You helped me lay the foundation to really make this dream reality. Besides having the tone, personality and words that feel true to both of my brands, you helped me stay accountable to this vision and believe in myself in moments when the doubts, fears of unworthiness or “will people get it?” creeped in.”

The Bottom Line:

Michelle and I embarked on a 3-month partnership to connect her brand design and conscious leadership work in a public-facing way. From her website layout and messaging to the language in her services guide and client materials, I helped her infuse her personal story into her presence. Having an umbrella brand has allowed Michelle’s work and passions to more fluidly coexist and feed each other. With words that resonate, Michelle was able to get past the block of posting, confident that the message she shared perfectly punctuated her point of view and differentiators.


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