Tina Leu

Claiming a niche

The Top Line:

Tina Leu didn’t start her career in photography, but you’d never know it from her portfolio. Now a celebrated portrait photographer, she engaged Pattern of Purpose at a time of growth — when she was narrowing in on the type of work she enjoyed the most. To attract more of what she desired she needed to clarify her message and help potential clients understand the value of her process, beyond the process itself.

Tina Says

“Kim is a true professional when it comes to communication, deliverables and presentation, and word-smithing that summarizes the core of what you’re trying to say while still including your own voice. Her ability to pull out my key messages made it easy to work with her. So thankful for Kim for tightening up my messaging and giving me more confidence in knowing what I truly offer to my clients.”

The Bottom Line:

I conducted interviews with several of Tina’s past clients to hear, in their words, what it felt like to be photographed by her. This rich information led to refined positioning, a tagline, elevator pitch, messaging, and website content. By communicating what she offered in a focused and easy to explain way, she was able to grow a loyal referral base while raising her rates.


A year later she was booked out months in advance, added business mentoring to her menu of services, regularly takes on personal projects that are meaningful and motivating, and — after years of longing — is able to travel for business and pleasure.


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